Why You Should Move to Mercer Island


If you are thinking about finding a new part of the country to call home, one great place to consider is Mercer Island, Washington. In fact, Mercer Island has long been considered one of the best places to live in the state of Washington, and for good reason!

So, let’s break down the many reasons why Mercer Island is a fabulous place for you and your family to live.


Mercer Island has an incredibly low crime rate. If you live in Mercer Island, you are far less likely to face a serious crime compared to the rest of the state of Washington. In fact, while 1 in 321 Washington state residents will become a victim of a violent crime, just 1 in 2,598 residents will face the same outcome on Mercer Island. In fact, the most common crimes on Mercer Island overall are related to property theft and mischief.

Great schools

If you drive around the neighborhoods and towns today, you will find that there is quite a lot of Mercer Island New Construction. One of the biggest reasons why is because of great schools and educational opportunities available to kids of all ages. Mercer Island is home to 18 preschools and offers several private education opportunities. On top of that, Mercer Island High School has been named a gold medal high school by the US News & World Report.

Beyond that, University of Washington has regularly been named one of the Top 100 Schools in the Nation.

Outdoor fun and beauty

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, whether it’s skiing and snowboarding, hiking and camping, or water sports of all kinds, Washington is the place to be. With Lake Washington and Elton Bay surrounding the Island and Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest just to the west, there is simply no shortage of fun that you and your family can enjoy once you decide to call Mercer Island home.

Proximity to Seattle

Depending on your age and what industry you work in, you might be really interested in living near a bustling city, filled with different cultures, foods, art and entertainment opportunities and so much more. You get all that and move to Seattle, Washington, one of the most iconic cities in the United States.

Living on Mercer Island gives you the chance to both enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy city, while getting the benefits of a smaller, tight-knit community. This is especially valuable if you live at one of the city’s biggest and most well-known corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Nordstrom and Starbucks. In fact, Mercer Island is just a 10 to 15 minute drive away from many of those massive corporation’s international headquarters.

A strong sense of community

Once you move to Mercer Island, you will find that it is exceptionally easy to get involved and enjoy a sense of community. With a variety of community organizations, there are lots of opportunities to connect with and get to know your neighbors over shared values, interests, causes and more.

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