What makes high bay lighting different from low bay lighting?


Today, for countless people LED lights have turned into the preferred substitute to fluorescent lamps because they are found in many varieties. A couple of lightings that turns ideal for high ceilings are high as well as low bay lighting fixtures. These lightings share huge similarities like they are mounted on high ceilings. The most vital thing that you need to keep in mind before you buy them is there are some differences that turn them ideal for some unique situations. Both high and low bay lightings emerge as helpful in illuminating huge areas.

The high bay lightings are used to illuminate 20-45 feet high ceilings. They are mounted on high ceilings for providing stronger light. The remarkable thing is they lessen glare remarkably. Ceiling height is considered the finest method in which you can make comparisons between high and low bay lighting. A low bay fixture works with ceilings that are only 12 to 20 feet high. These two kinds of lightings do differ in strength too. A low bay lighting happens to be below one hundred watts whereas the high bay lighting goes above one hundred watts.

Various colors of the LEDs

Inside the LED’s semiconductor material, the holes and electrons remain present. When the bands are separated, then it determines the photons’ energy that the LED emits. The photon energy does determine the emitted light’s wavelength and so, it gets a specific color. Various semiconductor components with distinct bandgaps create various colors of light. You can tune the particular wavelength by changing the composition of some light-emitting regions.

LEDs comprise compound semiconductor components that are created from elements starting from Group 3 and Group 5 of the periodic table. Some instances of 3-5 components that are utilized for making LEDs are GaP (Gallium Phosphide) and GaAs (Gallium Arsenide). Earlier, LEDs had got only some confined range of colors, particularly blue. During that time, white LEDs didn’t exist. The progression of LEDs formed on the GaN (gallium nitride) material system opened up several novice applications.

The lasting of the LEDs

LEDs are considered SSL or solid-state lighting. They do not burn similar to filament-type bulbs. Commonly, LED lights are rated for lasting 50,000 hours. The incandescent light bulbs are rated for nearly 1000 hours. Fluorescent Tube Lights or CFLs are rated for six to eight thousand hours. The advances of the light-emitting diode have turned comparatively fast because progressions and manufacturing of LED lights are found in every major hardware store and lighting retailer worldwide. People who are still using fluorescent light bulbs and halogens are unsure about transferring to LED.

Uses of high bay lighting

Whenever you wish to illuminate a huge indoor space, then you must have high bay lighting. You can consider some spaces, such as gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, factors, huge department stores, etc. Commonly, these facilities tend to be huge and encompass lots of horizontal and vertical spaces. This needs potent lighting for providing the ideal foot-candle levels for illumining adequately. Commonly, these lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling through pendants, hooks, or chains. At times, they remain fixed directly to the ceiling.

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