What exactly is meant by Synthetic Grass and why is it Now So Popular?


A long while back, synthetic grass, when it first appeared on the scene, wasn’t liked much by both many sportsmen and fans alike, and it was removed at a number of arenas and stadiums where it was fitted.

But, as time and advancements would have it, artificial grass has made quite the comeback and is now being viewed in more places than ever before.

However, for those who are somewhat unfamiliar with it, why all the fuss?

Where do you now see it Being Used?

Synthetic grass is a product which looks just like real grass, but without any need for the care and maintenance that real grass needs. Made from different components, this type of grass is now more favoured than ever before, with its benefits including:

  • A reduction in water bills
  • Low maintenance

Synthetic grass is used in various athletic fields and especially in the fields of baseball, soccer, football stadiums, tennis courts, golf courses, play spaces and school sports surfaces.

How is it Made?

Also, popularly called “artificial grass” or “artificial turf”, synthetic grass is made from many different materials to give it the look and feel which we closely associate with natural grass.

The modern advanced way in which this type of grass is fitted also provides the ideal amount of springiness, and thus helps the grass to achieve a much more natural feel to it. These days, even organic materials such as soy are put to use in the manufacturing of synthetic grass, which helps to provide it with a much better quality that really does parallel real grass.

  • All types of synthetic sports surfaces, nowadays, have been professionally treated with a special ultraviolet (UV) protective coating which aids in helping to make the grass not only more flexible, but much less likely to fade in appearance.

What are its Benefits?

One of its biggest benefit’s is that it does not require the huge amount of upkeep and maintenance, which real grass needs to help it grow and develop. Also, importantly among these wonderful advantages is that there is no need at all for constant watering, which as you can imagine definitely sees a massive reduction in the costs of those huge water bills.

  • There are in some places, tax rebates given to people who choose synthetic grass over the real thing in order to encourage a reduction in the use of water which normal grass requires.

And of course, because synthetic grass doesn’t grow, mowing is a thing of the past. And although at first the grass can be slightly expensive, over time, what with the savings in costs for water and easy upkeep, it soon outweighs the initial investment.

A Wonderful Future

Synthetic grass is now also being seen in people’s homes and used as a carpeted grass area! This is certainly advantageous for those people who have pets, and even for people who enjoy playing mini indoor golf!

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