What Chemicals Should You Add to Your Hot Tub?


Do you have a hot tub? If so, you need to know how important it is to add chemicals. After all, it defeats the purpose of having a tub if it does not provide a hygienic experience. That is why you need balancers and hygienic chemicals in spa water. Otherwise, you defeat the whole purpose of using the tub.

Keeping Your Water Pristine and Clean

You need to use specific chemicals to keep your water clean. That is why hot tub chemicals need to be carefully surveyed when you are using them in a tub. By choosing the right chemicals, you will keep your tub sparkling and inviting to use.

For example, you need to use a sanitiser in your hot tub. You will need to find out how much you need. This can be determined by the volume of the water in the tub. For example, you will need to add chlorine, bromine in granular form, or salt. You also need to add certain minerals. While minerals will not completely clean a tub, they can supplement the use of sanitisers, such as chlorine or bromine.

You Will Need a Weekly Shock Treatment

You also need to add a weekly shock treatment – maybe more often if you use the hot tub frequently. You can really sanitise your tub when you add a shock treatment. If you want to prevent the growth of algae, you cannot overlook this chemical. If you see that your tub’s water is cloudy, you definitely need to add the chemical.

You also may need to add an alkaline decreaser. This type of product balances out the alkalinity in the tub. Therefore, this is one chemical you should always have on hand. You should keep the level of alkaline between 125 ppm and 150 ppm.

Survey the Chemicals Online Yourself

You can learn more about what to use if you go online and survey the chemicals featured yourself. See what each chemical is supposed to do. For example, is it used to sanitise the spa or does it prevent algae growth? You need to ask questions to ensure that your spa is healthy to use. Because you want to relax and use your spa a good deal of the time, you need to study what chemicals are best to use. When you take on this type of attitude, you cannot go wrong, as you will keep your spa pristine and safe to use.

Decreasing Your Spa’s pH

You will also need to check out ingredients the decrease the pH in your spa. You should have a neutral pH of about 7.5, but you can have the pH between 7.2 and 7.6, and you will still be safe. Once you know what chemicals are needed, you will learn more about these kinds of details. That is why you need to conduct research online. The more you know about spa chemicals, the easier it will be to take care of your spa and know what to buy. Take time now to find out what chemicals you need for your spa, and order them online.

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