Users Help Guide to Finding the Right Guns and Firearms


In the hands of the wrong person, firearms can be dangerous. With some safety precautions in place, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from accidents. A gun owner should always lock his or her weapon in a secure location away from unauthorized persons. Ammunition must also be stored separately to prevent the accidental shooting.

There is no denying the fact that guns and firearms are not things to be taken lightly. The world of guns has a certain allure to it that keeps everyone who is interested intrigued. There are many different types of guns and different types of ammunition, which can make it hard for someone who has never picked up a gun before to know where to even begin. It can be confusing to figure out what can shoot what and how their parts work together. We have compiled information from some of the most common brands to make it easier for you. Guns and firearms can be expensive, so knowing as much as you can before buying them will help you pick something that fits your needs, whether they be hunting or target shooting.

Below are the different types of Guns and Firearms:

  • Pistol – Traditionally, pistols have been used for a variety of purposes, from self-defense to hunting. The pistol was first used in 13th century China when gunpowder was invented. They were initially made of bronze and later iron. In the 18th century, pistols were made with a more reliable mechanism, and they were significantly more accurate in comparison to what was available at that time.
  • Rifle or Carbine – This rifle is the ideal weapon for home defense, hunting and sporting applications. With an extended quad rail, you have more room for accessories like a forward grip for enhanced control and stability. It has a 16.5″ barrel with a 1 in 9″ twist so that it is compatible with most other M4/AR15 accessories and parts.
  • Sub-machine gun – A sub-machine gun or SMG is an automatic rifle intended for home defense and close-quarters combat. It is a lightweight weapon designed to recoil against the shooter’s body with each fired shot, which makes the weapon more controllable during rapid fire. Submachine guns were originally used by cavalry units in World War I. The name “sub-machine gun” comes from the fact that they are smaller than machine guns and shoot small caliber bullets.
  • Long guns – Long guns are used for hunting and sport shooting. We sell many types of long guns, including rifles, shotguns, or handguns. Typically long gun bullets and cartridges are larger than handgun bullets and cartridges. To hunt big game, deer, and other large animals, long guns are often preferred because they are easier to shoot accurately over very long distances.
  • Handguns – Handguns are used in close quarters and may be carried by civilians, law enforcement officers, military personnel, paramilitary, and security personnel. They are mainly small, easily concealable firearms. Handgun bullets usually have a shorter casing than rifle bullets and require some form of the chamber or ‘rifling’ to produce the best-quality projectiles.

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