When you are looking for heating options for your home, there are many options that you can choose from. Heated Flooring is one such system that has been making quite some noise. It is a modern way to warm up your house, which is not only lighter on your pockets but also a great environmental choice. If you aren’t sure about what the system is, what it can offer you, and how it works. No problems, read on to find out about the radiant floor heating system.

How does the floor heating system work?

The radiant heating system efficiently heats the room by warming up the floor. Water-heated tubes or electric heating coils are installed under the floor of the house. The heating system warms up everything that touches the floor, and the heat is radiated from the ground upward. As this heating system warms up the house consistently, it helps in saving on the energy bills. The radiant heating system is a more economical option than the furnaces and boilers.

Different Types of Floor Heating Systems

There are two types of radiant flooring systems that you can choose from – electric and hydronic. When you are looking to heat the entire house with the help of a radiant heating system, the electric one might be very cost-effective. In such a case, you should opt for a hydronic heating system. Here is how the different heating systems work.

  1. Hydronic Heating System: This type of radiant floor heating uses liquid to heat the house efficiently. It is the most cost-effective option. In the installation, tubes are placed underneath the flooring, and water flows through the boiler, which heats the water. This heated water is then transported through the pipes. The heat from the water heats the floor, making it comfortable for your feet. You can choose the source of heat to heat the water. Some of the options are gas-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler or gas, kerosene, or solar water heater.
  2. Electric Heating system: This kind of radiant floor heating potion is very common and costlier compared to the hydronic option. The electric radiant heating system works by installing electric mats in the subfloor of the home. These mats are usually stapled in the place. They have a layer of gypsum or concrete placed over the top. Once this mat has been installed, the home floor is installed on top of the concrete or the gypsum.


Whenever you are installing a radiant heating system, ensure that you get it done by an expert. There are two installation options: dry and wet. In the dry installation, the heating water tubing is placed underneath the subfloor. This is usually done while construction is on. In such a case, the flooring surface takes the heat from the tubes and radiates it to the room. In the wet installation, a thin layer of concrete or slab of concrete is placed underneath the subfloor during the construction.

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