The Most Popular Modern Interior Design Trends


Keeping up with the latest trends is difficult. Designs seem to change on a whim, with colours dropping in and out of fashion more quickly than you can purchase the paint. There are, however, last trends, those that, while potentially enjoying variations, come to define generations. Some even go on to become timeless. The difficulty is finding such interior designs. If only it were always as easy as knowing that carpeted bathrooms wouldn’t remain popular, right?

Drawing from the experience of leading interior designers and influencers, we have compiled a list of the best modern interior design trends of 2021. Each one is currently so popular that it could very well be the next teal or teak, ensuring that your home remains impressive, stylish, and comfortable for years to come. So, if you are about to start a new renovation, have patience until the end of this list!

Return To Nature

Despite brief flings with modern and industrial interior design, welcoming nature into the home has been consistently popular among the most impressive properties, not only in the form of abundant or statement plants but as natural light too. This trend now seems to be asserting its timelessness by becoming more popular than ever.

With a contemporary post-pandemic focus on well-being, residents are now paying even greater attention to nature, seeking to incorporate ‘cottagecore’ aesthetics into their living spaces, embracing houseplants and all things biological.

Professional, But Separate

Remote working is perhaps the most significant motivation behind home renovation this year, with spare bedrooms being marketed instead as home offices. As such, homeowners are working to figure out the best way to design their homes to accommodate professional and personal needs.

It seems the most common method, at least for those with outdoor spaces, are garden outbuildings, such as annexes and log cabins. These separate rooms allow homes to enjoy a private workspace that doesn’t interfere with the dynamic of a relaxing and comfortable home space, while simultaneously allowing you to recreate and enjoy a professional space without any distraction.

We Want Colour

Colour is the new confidence and old habits of sparse minimalism are being swapped out for statement walls, bright furniture, and power clashes. By welcoming such variety, even exoticism, into your home, you are leaving boredom and safety behind, which seems to be a popular trend across many design sectors this year, choosing instead a more interesting and personal aesthetic. And it isn’t solely colour either, but patterns and textures too. So, if you’ve ever felt put off by a design for its quirkiness, now is the time to embrace it!

Look To The Future

Certain interior design trends, such as minimalism and sustainability, can be supported and embraced with the support of technology. By incorporating gadgets into your home’s design, you can reduce your carbon footprint with smart lights and electric car chargers, minimise your clutter by eliminating wires, and make your style much more efficient with quality of life improvements and modern discreet designs.

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