The Importance Of The Right Ice Machine


Commercial ice makers are equipment that produces ice and sometimes also stores ice. They also have an attached water source and there is also a freezing ice tray system. This is how they can produce ice for 24 hours a day. Ice is stored for different reasons and different applications. Commercial ice makers include nugget ice machines and also flake ice machines.

These machines are designed in a way that they can produce ice that is of the highest quality. It is important to clean these machines regularly using the right products so that it produces ice that has a pleasant and consistent taste. There are many commercial ice makers available and it is essential to shop around and get the ice maker that suits one’s requirements. One should get an ice maker that is enough to meet the needs of the customers.

The type of ice machine that is suitable for the business:

When an individual is shopping for an ice machine, he/she must select the one that produces the ice that is suitable for his or her business. There are different types of ice machines available those are able to maximize the profit of a particular business.

Full ice Cube

This full ice cube is similar to a full dice. This is 7 inches all around. This helps in melting and cooling the beverages slowly. This also makes the drinks visually very attractive and also keeps the drink cold for a long time. These machines are ideal for cocktails, hotel ice dispensers, bagged ice, and also salad bars. The ice machines that are capable of producing full ice cubes include:

  1. Combination ice machines
  2. Stand alone
  3. Under Counter

Half cube ice

This is an ice cube that has a unique shape and it displaces a larger amount of liquid. This will thereby increase the profit on the beverage and the customers will get more ice than the beverage. This is best for use in mixed drinks, soft drinks, blended drinks, iced coffee, etc. The ice machines that can make half ice cubes are:

  1. Combination ice machine
  2. Standalone ice machine
  3. Under counter ice machine

Flaked ice

This is the ice that is perfect for the displays and also packs together well. It chills down the products that are displayed including the fish in the grocery stores, food in salads, etc. This ice is soft and will neither scratch nor bruise. Moreover, this can also be molded around for better cooling results.

Nugget ice

This is ice that is soft and chewable and customers love this ice. This displaces more liquid and results in better customer satisfaction. One will also be able to make higher profits on the beverages. This is also ideal for use in health care settings, smoothies, blended cocktails, and carbonated drinks.


If one has to maintain a restaurant, a lot of ice will surely be required. This is the only way that will help in meeting the frosty needs of the customers. One thing that one needs to be sure of is to use the best commercial ice makers. If the ice machine is too big, one might have to incur a lot of expenses. So it is essential to get the right ice machine for the business.

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