The Best Real Estate Agents You Will Find in GA


Affordable housing and bustling business center with Big Names, and a city vibe with many great personalities make Atlanta the perfect place to be. Atlanta, GA has approximately 4,515,000 residents. Research shows that the highest 3% of Atlanta’s 15,671 real estates can get households off the market with 1.5 times quicker than usual and help venders gain 6.7% on the price list. You will find many real estate agents in GA and here we have listed the top ones!

Rhonda Duffy

Rhonda Duffy is a phenomenal real estate agent who has been marked on top in Georgia for 10 years in a row. Also, she has been interviewed so many times and published in hundreds of articles. Rhonda’ strong social media popularity combined with her skills makes her the top real estate agent in Atlanta.

Wayne Chappel

Wayne Chappel is a luxury home expert who has been a professional real estate agent for more than 12 years and a known member of the National Association of Realtors. With his exceptional proficiency in buyer’s representation, he served numerous clients and put many first-time buyers into ease. If you are searching out for a fanatic representation, he is the perfectly right choice.

Cameo Clark

Cameo Clark is a complete package with best real estate agent skills. She never fails to meet her client’s expectations and does the perfect job of educating her buyers while making a deal. She makes sure to provide her customers with the highest level of experience. If she is your ideal real estate agent, do look at her official website to know more.

Chase Mizell

Chase Mizell has been remarkably serving in the real estate market since 2006. He is an award-winning real estate agent with unmatched marketing tactics. The reason he has achieved tremendous popularity on social media. His Facebook posts have a great follower engagement filled with startling home listings. If you are interested, do catch him up on social media and explore everything about his listings.

Cymone L. Baylor

Cymone L. Baylor is known for its integrity, thoughtfulness, and creative approaches. Above all, his positive attitude and passion make him stand out from the crowd and this is pretty evident through this work. His follower engagement is simply up to the mark and the content is remarkable. We bet you would love following him.

Bob Freeman

No matter what the size of the deal is, Bob strives hard to bring value to the customers. He puts his experience and inventive ideas into work for both buyers and sellers. If you are looking for a real estate agent who will provide you with a smooth experience in buying or selling a home, Bob Freeman is the right person to serve your needs.

Angela Beck

Angela Beck truly makes your real estate objectives achievable. Her dedication and unparalleled professionalism ensure to deliver a perfectly enjoyable experience no matter if you are a buyer or seller. Additionally, her expertise in technology and social media will definitely benefit her business and customers in the long run.

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