Simple Ways to Add Fragrance to Your Home


Humans have a keen sense of smell. Or, to put it another way, it is one of the most powerful sensory abilities, second only to animals. People are disgusted by foul odors, whereas good smells might make them fall in love. Therefore, it is critical to maintain a pleasant fragrance at all times. However, using deodorants and perfumes to make oneself smell attractive is simple.

When it comes to making one’s house fragrant, the challenge arises. No wonder most of you may be seeking solutions to make your haven release a pleasant aroma.

Let me burst the bubble that simply spraying some room freshener isn’t ideal for having a pleasant, smell house. It takes a lot of effort to achieve that. Besides, you also need to be careful. As strong and powerful scents may be intimidating and may even cause headaches to some. The correct methods are those that keep your house smelling neutral and subtle yet pleasant. You can find such ways below.

Remove Moisture

It is impossible to live without water. But water in all the wrong places can do more harm than good. It is one of the reasons why the house starts smelling bad. Try using a hygrometer to test the level of humidity inside the home. If your room has more than 60 % moisture, you need a dehumidifier. Water and warm temperatures release odor-causing bacteria. So to discourage this dehumidifier is a must.

A dehumidifier will lessen your woes to a considerable extent. It takes out the moisture from the environment. Besides, it also helps you and your family overcome the problems associated with allergies and asthma. In addition, it indirectly acts on the surroundings to remove the harmful smell-causing elements.

You should also make a habit of keeping windows open during the day. Doing so will allow some fresh air in, and the bad smells will disappear naturally with the outflowing air.

Get Professional Help

You must be having a heating and cooling system at home. These are connected to air ducts. They allow the warm and cool air to circulate at optimal levels and keep the house temperature constant. With continuous usage, these often get blocked. That is when you need to call for a ventilation and air duct cleaning service. Get the dust and debris from inside the ducts cleaned from time to time. Your house will enjoy the fresh air while all the contaminates will disappear.

Throw Away Garbage

If you want to make your house free of bad smells, then you better be vigilant. Remove garbage cans at regular intervals. Some foul odors that you may be experiencing may be coming from there. You need to understand that we discard kitchen waste inside garbage cans regularly. All the organic matter starts decomposing after a day or two. Once they start breaking down, they release the foul odor. If possible, ask the cleaner to turn up every day in the morning.

You might have to shell out a bit on regular garbage disposal services. However, that is worth it. Even after you have emptied the garbage cans, the smell lingers inside. So, it is a good idea to use black plastic bags thrown away with the garbage. They will absorb the scent, and your house can stay odor-free. You should also consider spraying some vinegar or baking soda inside. Since these are natural deodorizers and absorbent, they will ward off the displeasing smells.

Install a Diffuser

Diffusers are meant to produce wonderful smells inside the house. Most people use them in conjunction with aromatherapy. You need to fill the container inside with water and aromatic oils. Rest, leave it on the diffuser to release a fantastic smell in your home, making it fresh. Diffusing essential oils are known to help enhance the mood as well. Thus, you can use these oils to perform the dual task of spreading fragrance and calming your spirits.

Other Ways to Improve Fragrance

  • You can heat some spices, like Cinnamon sticks and Cardamoms, in the oven. It will keep your house smelling great.
  • Inside the bathrooms, you can keep some Eucalyptus plants. When you have a steam bath, the steam will circulate the oils from the plant and leave the space smelling heavenly.
  • Buy some nice-smelling incense sticks and burn them. Sandalwood, lavender, and rose are some good choices. They will lift your mood as well.
  • Soft surfaces are the primary source of stinky smells in the house. You should therefore clean them once in a while. The smooth surfaces include bed linens, carpets, window covers, throw pillows, upholstery and such.

Use these methods to reduce odor from your surroundings. Now, you can keep your space smelling good and fresh all day long. And, these efforts are minimal, to say the least.

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