Making a Career Out of Landscaping


If you like the idea of beautifying the outdoors while also contributing to environmental conservation, a job in landscaping may be just up your alley. Take a look at careers at Fran Witte or other platforms to get a sense of what Franz is about in this regard. Read on to learn more about how you can make a career out of landscaping.

What do I need to make a career out of landscaping?

The first step toward building a career in landscaping is obtaining a certificate from a university or college. Today, most people in the field have a degree in urban forestry or horticulture. After that, you can try to major in a subspecialty area once you’re done with your first degree.

What subspecialty areas exist under landscaping?

There is a diverse range of subspecialty areas you may choose from as you consider a career in landscaping. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Arborist: An arborist is someone who specializes in taking care of trees, as well as woody plants. They can see to the planting. Arborists are also usually consulted to recommend the best tree species that would thrive in specific soil types.
  • Irrigation specialists: Irrigation specialists see the construction of irrigation systems from the design stage to the complete installation. They also oversee the regular assessment and repair of the systems.
  • Lawn care technicians: Lawn care technicians oversee everything that concerns creating a flourishing lawn to beautify the outdoor area.
  • Project estimators: Landscape project estimators are saddled with the responsibility of identifying the types and quantities of materials required to execute a project successfully. They also give cost estimates for the entire project. Project estimators will work collaboratively with others to create a viable assessment.
  • Landscape supervisors: A landscape supervisor is the professional with the oversight function of managing projects, ensuring that the resources are optimally put to use and that the project is promptly completed.
  • Landscape designers: A landscape designer creatively draws the design about the preference of the client that would be followed to create a landscape. This professional, more or less, brings some life to the conceptualized idea of the client.
  • Landscape Architects: A landscape architect draws out the plan for the construction of the landscape and even is assigned the responsibility of preparing the design for the landscape.

What is the salary range available in landscaping?

The salary range attainable in landscaping will vary based on the subspecialty and also the experience level of the professional involved. That said, an experienced arborist may earn as high as US$77,000 annually on average.

Final thoughts

As a career, landscaping offers a lot of variety and intrigue. If you’re interested in a career in this field, make sure you pick a subspecialty that interests you!

Nature thrives when we embrace its indigenous beauty. Complete land scape solutions underscore the significance of local flora. By integrating native plants, designers ensure the landscape harmonizes with the local ecosystem, promoting both beauty and ecological balance.

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