The health of the house plays a determining role in the health of those who live in it. Water damage is one such thing that impacts the health of the home and its residents. It brings with it various other issues which can be stressful to deal with. As a homeowner, you go over and beyond to prevent this from happening. Prevention is better than cure. There are various steps and installations that you can undertake to protect your home from water damage. will provide you with all the solutions and preventive steps to protect your home. Be it waterproofing or getting a sump pump installation, they will guide you through the process and provide you with the best solutions. Following are just some of the solutions that they provide to help protect your home against water damage.

Window Well Installation

The issues of dampness and leaks can sometimes be caused due to a build-up of water in the window well. This happens when the window is at the ground level or below it. Such a window should come with a window well. These wells have been designed to shed water, in the same manner as a roof shingle. As the window well begins to fill up, the water flows through the seals of the window. This installation works to prevent water damage. Direct waterproofing provides installation, replacement and cleaning window well services.

French Drains

Many times we don’t realize the impact some things can have. The pools of water which have gathered I your yard, basement or next to the side of your home can be harmful. When this happens, the house can become damp and even cause structural damage. Having a well maintained and properly installed French drain can prevent this from happening. The drain redirects the water away from the soil around your home. It makes use of perforated pipes which collects the accumulated water. Then it is redirected to the absorbent gravel. Installing French drains can prevent water build-ups which give rise to cracks and flooding.

Sump Pump

If there is extreme water retention in the basement of your home, a sump pump is the most efficient and effective way to deal with it. This water pooling can be caused due to heavy rain or from flows. The sump pump works to channel the water outside the home. It protects your house from damaging floodwaters, moisture accumulation and leaks.

Battery Backup Pump

This type of pump is installed to ensure that the sump pump never fails you. It implies that the basement will always be dry, even when there is a power outage. The cost is dependent on the sump pump being used, the volume of the pump and the complexity of the installation. The installation of the backup system can be a complicated process. The installation of the sump pump and the backup should be carried out by the experts. Direct Waterproofing’s experts are highly trained and experienced. This seamless installation will help you make the best out of the system.

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