How to measure construction quality of a project? Handy tips for you.


While buying a real estate property you tend to think quite deeply about every aspect related to it. It is obvious as this is the long-term investment and you want everything to be the best, just like these ready possession flats in Pune. The main aspect about which you must check is the construction quality of the property.  Over past few years new kind of technologies and materials are used in construction to improve the quality.  As a future house owner, you can ask the builders about quality of materials and quality checks done while constructing the building. Here is the list of parameters that you can use on your own to find out the overall quality of the project.

Check for following standards –

  • Soil check – Check the soil composition for the project. Before starting the building work, builders generally investigate for the soil texture and then use appropriate material or technique for construction. You can ask builder for this report. You might not understand much of technical intricacies. However, it will show that the builder has taken efforts and taken the appropriate steps.
  • Design – Structural layout or blueprints created for the project are important documents for any construction project. You can ask for a copy of this document and discuss it with experts to cross check if every aspect is covered. Structural layout will show the cautions taken by the builder against natural calamities like earthquake.
  • Concrete – Concrete mix provides required strength to the building structure. Nowadays, major builders go for ready concrete mixes to save time and improve on quality. You can ask which ready concrete mix is being used and if it has the right certification.
  • Walls and fixtures – The wall thickness parameters are mentioned in the structural layout plan and it generally depends on the nature of the building. Thickness and brand of fixtures are also mentioned in the contract agreement. You can check if the thickness is as per the documents during any of your site visits. Similarly, you can ask for the fixtures used and keep a keen eye on the brand. Builders generally use low quality fixture to save on costs. You need to be extremely cautious.
  • Surprise visits– when you decide to buy a house that is under construction, you can visit the site without any schedule and check how the work is progressing. You can talk to the laborers and other engineers present on the site.
  • Paperwork – No developer will declare his or her project as a low quality project on paper. They all promise to provide good quality for construction, fittings and all other parts. Paperwork done for the project can also give you a preliminary idea about the quality. Builders generally have a list of construction material being used at the project site. Going through the list and then visiting the site can reveal the quality work.
  • Third party checks –Builders must conduct independent site audits and acquire third party certificates. These certifications help the customers as well builders to keep a watch on quality of the project.

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