How to Make the Top 5 Home Appliances Last Longer


Home appliances make doing chores easier than they were a couple of decades ago. They save time and energy especially for those who have other priorities to get tend to. They have made humanity’s life a little easier by doing more than half of the job in the least amount of time possible.

These life-changing household items however are not without fault. They need proper maintenance and care since they can break down too. To make them last longer, here are some practical tips that are worth sharing:

Fridge and Freezer

When it comes to food, it’s inevitable for bits of oil, sauces, and soups to get around the interior of the fridge. When cleaning it, this should be in mind. Although the trays and shelves are cleaned by wiping, parts like the gaskets can be a little trickier. Use a solution made of water and baking soda and a sponge, cloth, or toothbrush to clean the crevices.

The condenser coils, located at the back of the fridge, could use some cleaning too. Leaving them dirty could leave them overworking thereby incurring higher energy costs. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to clean them. First, unplug the fridge. A vacuum and a soft brush to remove stubborn bits of dirt are all you need to get them clean and running well. Clean it like this every six months.

Let’s head to the freezer. Many freezers these days are frost-free meaning it’s built to regulate coldness as to prevent the buildup of frost. But for manual defrost models, there will be frost. To remove this layer, use a plastic scraper. Some use harder tools like knives and other things metal. But this will only destroy it, so best stick with the plastic. For manual defrost freezers, defrosting should be done at least once a year.

Vacuum Cleaner

It’s important to be mindful of the bag or bin of the vacuum cleaner. Whether it has a bag or not, don’t let it get filled to the brim. If it’s a bagless vacuum, empty the bin after every use. Meanwhile, for one with a bag, you can tell by its less suction power, the noticeable weight of the bag, or the indicator lighting up. Letting it overfill can affect the vacuum’s inner workings. If it gets to that, call your vacuum repair service shop rather than fixing it yourself which may worsen the problem.

Another thing to do is cleaning the filter. Check the user’s manual to locate the filter, gently hand wash in cold water, and air dry for 24 hours. For vacuum cleaners that use a HEPA filter, it should be cleaned or replaced as instructed by the manual.


Yes, the dishwasher cleans the dishes but it doesn’t do everything. Before putting the dishes in, make sure to separate the scraps and bits of food. The filter should be cleaned at least every three to six months to prevent small bits of food from accumulating. The buildup doesn’t necessarily cause damage to the dishwasher, but it does affect its performance.  Some models have self-cleaning filters, and some are there are those that are manual.

Oven and Range

Scrub off hardened food and spills off around the burners, the same goes for the inside of the oven. Remove any bits of food as soon as possible to avoid bacteria and contamination on your food. You can also opt to use the oven’s selfclean cycle, which is setting the oven in extreme heat for 2 to 6 hours so any residue may be easy to clean with a sponge and some warm water. As for the control panels, make sure to clean with a damp rag instead of spraying any liquid directly to them to avoid a short circuit.

Washing Machine

Looking at a mountain of laundry makes dumping everything all in one go very tempting. However, overloading the machine reduces water circulation and wrinkles the clothes. Aside from that, it may overwork the machine.

Speaking of overloading, another thing that shouldn’t be done is overfilling the washing machine drawer with detergent. Fill up only until the marker for the recommended amount to avoid dirt residue from the extra suds caused by too much detergent. The extra suds may remain in the next load of clothes, introducing more dirt and causing fading colors.

These tips may be basic, but they’re the foundation of healthy performance and long-term use. If these are followed religiously, it can save you from higher costs or repairs or buying a whole new appliance.

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