How to Improve the Average Lifespan of a Water Purifier?


Water purifier is an appliance that is used to purify water so that it is safe enough to be consumed as drinking water. The water that is supplied to our homes from the municipality has various impurities that need to be removed before it is fit to be consumed as drinking water. A water purifier is the only appliance that can purify these impurities.

The different kinds of water purifiers that are generally used are the following:

  1. RO+UF Water Purifiers
  2. RO+UV Water Purifiers
  3. RO+UV+UF Water Purifiers
  4. UV Water Purifiers
  5. UV+UF Water Purifiers

These purifiers use various technologies like reverse osmosis, ultra violet radiations and UF membranes. They require simple care and maintenance to ensure flawless operation. Here are a few maintenance tips and tricks to improve the average lifespan of your water purifier:

Drain Storage Tank Regularly:

The first and foremost thing you should do to improve the lifespan is draining the storage tank. A water purifier’s storage tank should be drained at least once in every two weeks. This ensures proper hygiene and cleanliness. As the water purification process starts automatically as soon as the storage level is lowered, the purifier doesn’t function for longer durations. Due to this, stress testing of the machine isn’t done.

To empty the storage tank, you should switch the power supply off. After that, just open the drain plug that is located at the bottom part of the tank. Once the entire tank is empty, put the drain plug back and switch the power supply on.

Clean the Filters Regularly:

Another thing to keep in mind is cleaning the filters. This is a tricky job, so it is better to get a technician to do it. If you want to do it yourself, read the manual on how to take all the filters out. Once all the filters are out, carefully brush them for any dust residue. Do not wash them or harshly treat them as that might cause damage. Just some light dusting would do the trick. Once you have cleaned them, you can reattach them.

Replace All Filters, Lamps and Membranes Once Every Year:

The average lifespan of the filters is one year. Although they can function for a few more days or months, it is advised to change them regularly in a time interval of one year. A faulty filter could cause damage to the water purifier and also hinder the process of water purification. Therefore, all kinds of lamps, filters and membranes that include, sediment filter, post carbon filter, activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV Lamp and UF Membrane should be changed every year. New filters would work well together and won’t cause any problems to the underlying water purifying function. Therefore, changing these filters in time would improve the average lifespan of your water purifier.

Switch off Purifier, Water Supply and Empty Storage Tank When Not Using It for Long:

When you are not using the purifier, you should switch it off. You should also switch off the fresh water supply to prevent any kind of salt wrecking your water purifier pipes and filters. Emptying the storage tank is also a good habit to prevent the stagnant water from going bad. These three things are essential when the purifier isn’t in use or else the average lifespan of your purifier would become lesser than normal.

Follow these simple steps to increase the average lifespan of your water purifier drastically and drink pure water from your purifier for a few more years.

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