How Homeowners Are Spending Effectively On Home Improvement!


If you are considering taking up home improvement, you need to know some of the market trends. Marek runs Newline Construction ltd and his builders west London team donated this Info graphic, which has some interesting facts. Firstly, most homeowners, at around 41%, still preferred to hire a contractor for the job. It is also surprising to note that some people do prefer doing some of the tasks at a personal level. Around 25% of all homeowners did part of the home improvement work and hired a contractor for the rest of the job.

An eye-opening fact is related to financing. Around 80% of all homeowners used savings for these projects, and most of the budgets were on target. In fact, around 46% of all home improvement projects were on target, while 36% were over budget. People who took loans for their projects often spent more than what was initially projected. Also, home improvement projects are directly linked with the sale value of the property. Homeowners knew that these changes and improvements can help in getting a better price, and around 85% made such investments with this simple intention. Are buyers interested in well-maintained homes?  Well, at least the trends say so!

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