How A Router Works


The router is a device used in computer networks to forward information in data packets, providing connectivity between devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, on LAN networks with the internet.

The router as contemporary control is the device responsible for distributing the internet to one or more devices, either via a network cable or over the Wi-Fi network. They also allow you to connect devices on an internal network to each other, allowing them to exchange data internally, even without a public internet connection. This is because the router assigns an IP address to each computer or cell phone connected to the network, and it is through them that you can access other devices and exchange files with them.

In addition, the router has a specific feature: searching for the best routes to send and receive data, being able to prioritize not only the shortest transmissions but also the least congested ones.

To connect devices that use wireless data transmission and eliminate the need for a computer to be connected to the main computer, most modern routers have powerful antennas to send and receive their data packet transmissions over wireless networks and connect directly to the broadband internet modem.

Requirements And Operation

When a broadband service is purchased, a modem is received, offering a single point of access to the internet. Thus, to share this connection with more than one device, it is necessary to create an internal network with the router, extending the connection to the web to other computers and local mobile devices.

However, unlike an access point, the router is a device for the distribution of local connections. It performs the best routes for transmitting data packets, thus ensuring that its signals reach their destination more efficiently. Possible, following the best routes to disseminate the data sent to it.

The most modern routers work connected to the broadband cable. They have four more cable outlets for computers and an antenna, which is the fundamental part of making the signal transmission for wireless connectivity work, thus reaching devices with a wireless connection, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Used to improve the performance and the distribution of connections in broadband networks in large places and in the connection of several devices at the same time, wireless routers are being increasingly used in everyday applications such as local shopping mall networks, shops, airports, schools, and even homes, offering a fast, safe and easy internet connection.

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