Give an Unexpected Twist to Your Apartment’s Floor


Cement and concrete burst into the home with the industrial aesthetic. Since then, whether or not you have a house with a loft soul, they are two of the materials preferred by everyone, regardless of square footage or decorative style.

For people to think of concrete as a practical surface suitable only for driveways, garages, and sidewalks, the many virtues of concrete as a flooring material may come as a surprise.

Let’s first look at the different types of concrete used to achieve today’s most fashionable finishes. We will begin with polished concrete. Its elaboration consists of a mechanical process of grinding and polishing using a polishing machine with a diamond sander. The final appearance of the surfaces shows the shapes and shades of the different minerals that make up the concrete.

The microcement, on the other hand, is a material that is usually applied in garage floor resurfacing chicago as well as in the walls. It is a material that leaves no cracks or joints but at the same time has a thickness of only about three millimeters and offers the advantage of being able to be fixed very well to any material.

Printed concrete is mainly used in outdoor areas such as parks and sidewalks. It is made using molds and is stamped as long as it has not yet dried. Finally, there is troweled or smoothed concrete. This material is the most suitable for public areas such as parking lots.

Given this, we understand that the most appropriate material for interior cladding is polished concrete for floors and micro cement for walls since they offer more perfect and detailed finishes. As you can see, concrete appears in many different forms in the most contemporary interior designs.

Garage floor resurfacing chicago is a very resistant and easy to maintain material that many designers choose for the cladding of all types of spaces. In addition, it provides a neutral look that is often combined with wood or exposed brick elements to complete that attractive urban look.

These are materials that are immune to the passage of time, a reason that contains in itself beauty and passion, which are conducive to its evolution and its normal deterioration. In housing, the ‘top of the garage floor resurfacing Chicago continuous cement derivatives, with the permission of cement and polished concrete, is the micro cement. It is a material that dresses floors, walls, and furniture without being unkempt and without losing technical qualities. In addition, it is ideal for renovations, as it can be installed on the existing floor and is, thanks to its variety of finishes and colors, tremendously chameleon-like. Without forgetting that they ‘take’ all the rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen, as they are not afraid of water or moisture, and there are models that have underfloor heating: a whole 10 in comfort.

The cement floor has numerous advantages. One of them is durability. One of the characteristics of polished cement is its durability. That is to say that it is a material that is difficult to damage, which means that high heels, furniture legs, and animal claws will not scratch the surface. You also don’t have to worry about damage from dropped objects. While it is possible to chip or scratch a concrete surface, you will usually have to work pretty hard to make that possible. That’s why it’s such a popular material for commercial areas, such as garages and warehouses.

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