First-Time Property Buyer’s Guide: Picking a Realtor from the Pros


Buying a home is a remarkable experience for anyone. There is always the thrill of the property hunt and the excitement associated with the deal. The entire process of property hunting and purchasing is enhanced by an experienced real estate agent who understands the ins and outs of the real estate market. However, with countless brokers and real estate agents out there, finding the right realtor might be more challenging than you think.

Working with an experienced, trustworthy realtor can go a long way in making sure that you buy a great home at the best price in the market. If you’re a first-time buyer and you intend to acquire property, here are tips to help you get the most reliable realtor.

1. More than experience

If you need a reliable realtor in Spring Lake, NJ, focus on choosing someone who works for you. Don’t base your choice of an agent solely on how experienced someone is. While it’s good to work with a highly experienced realtor, experience isn’t everything.

You will spend a lot time with your realtor and thus, you should hire a relatable and real person. Remember, you are choosing someone to help you buy your first property. Get someone with outstanding communication and negotiation skills.

While interviewing your prospects, focus on their neighborhood expertise. Determine whether they are marketing their services or the homes in their listings. According to experts, you should hire someone honest and ready to help you acquire the best home at the right price.

2. Get referrals from other property owners

Despite the advanced technology that appears to be taking over much of the property hunt, the right realtor is still a human-to-human choice. So, get referrals from other homeowners. Ask your friends, family, or the homeowners within that area who they would recommend. You will get a few suggestions and you can start by interviewing those real estate agents.

3. Hire the right type of realtor

Most first-time property buyers don’t know the different types of realtors and who they should hire. Do you hire a buyer’s broker or a conventional realtor? Keep in mind that most realtors work for the seller. They are making commissions from the buying price and so, they focus on selling the property as quickly as possible while making the most money possible.

A buyer’s broker represents top interests of the property buyer. These individuals are bound to keep everything you say confidential. The broker doesn’t work for the seller and that means he or he won’t gloss over property weaknesses. This is the right real estate professional who can help you acquire the best property that fits your requirements.

4. Scour the internet for more information

Just because you have a relative who has a friend who knows a good real estate agent doesn’t mean that you must work with that individual. If you consider working with a particular agent, check their reputation online. Check their Yelp listing, official websites, and more. You are so lucky to live in times when there is so much information you can access easily. So, make wise use of your resources.

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