Does Soundproofing Using Drywall work?


Are you living near noisy neighbors or your neighbors are continuously complaining about your noisy place? Soundproofing is something that you should consider. To soundproof your home, you can utilize any number of techniques. Soundproofing drywall materials are one of the finest alternatives.

If you’re looking for a good soundproofing drywall brand, you’ll have a lot of options. QuietRock drywall is highly recommended. QuietRock drywall, according to building experts, can provide soundproofing properties comparable to eight layers of conventional drywall. A drywall supplies Toronto can provide you with this product.

Soundproofing drywall composition

Gypsum mineral layers are placed between paper layers to create traditional drywall panels. Consequently, they are excellent sound conductors. For soundproofing drywall, gypsum, ceramics, and viscoelastic are used as the inner layer. These components make the drywall stronger and limit sound transmission by a substantial amount.

QuietRock is a great product!

PABCO Corporation first released this product in 2002. It is available in 8, 9, 10, and 12-foot lengths. Cut and install it in the same manner as drywall is installed. A 3-layer design is used for the drywall; with two layers of gypsum drywall is sandwiched between two viscoelastic polymers that absorb sound. The gypsum layer is about a quarter-inch thick, according to the manufacturer.

Several layers of standard drywall

QuietRock and other soundproofing drywalls have a high STC rating and may be used as a single layer to offer the same amount of soundproofing as eight layers of regular drywall. Can desired soundproofing be achieved by stacking up numerous layers of ordinary drywall? Theoretically yes. However, the walls will be excessively thick, causing several issues:

  • More labor cost
  • Increased weight on the ceiling and walls
  • Increasing weight on the ceiling and walls
  • Ancillary materials prices increase
  • Receptacles that need to be shifted

When everything is considered, the use of numerous layers of drywall cannot achieve soundproofing well. This is even though one sheet of QuietRock costs the same as seven sheets of conventional drywall at the present price. If you want to soundproof your drywall, you should contact a Toronto drywall provider for getting desired result. As long as soundproofing isn’t a priority, ordinary drywall will work, you can choose whatever you would like to. You may contact drywall supplies Toronto for getting more information about drywall, its different types, and for drywall installation, labor and its cost.

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