Deep Cleaning Your House for Christmas


Christmas is a festival of togetherness and light. It’s the time when the streets are covered in thick sheets of snow and your house is warm with love. Everyone you love gathers at one place and shares the stories of their life. You’re going to make lists of gifts for your loved ones and receive many in return. There will be last-minute runs to the grocery stores just like every year. If you can, make the list and pre-order the stuff that’s absolutely needed.

The Christmas joy can’t be contained. Lights, decorations, and Christmas trees will charge up your mood. But the decoration will shine only if your house is well cleaned. Lights can’t hide the dust on the carpet and cover the spider webs in the drawing-room. The true Christmas spirit shines through when your house is properly cleaned. Only then it will reflect the golden light.

Cleaning your house can be a difficult job so you must ask your family members to help you out. When everyone helps out, the job becomes much easier.

Declutter the space

The cleanliness will take time and effort but it will be worth it in the end. You must begin by taking a quick trip around your house and what’s lying here and there unnecessarily. There’re tons of stuff in your hose that you neither use nor throw. Now is a good time to draw the line. Declutter to remove extra stuff that’s no longer required. Pick the stuff that you don’t use. Keep some and ditch the rest.

Now is the good time to take your old clothes out and give them to the needy. Ask your kids to do the same. There are always people out there who can make use of the stuff you don’t need. Winter is ascending to the peak so you can gather old winter clothes and donate them to the homeless.

Decluttering also constitutes organizing the stuff that you need. You might think you don’t have space for decorations but most times it’s just the clutter that’s piled up everywhere. If you have kids, there are chances of toys piled up. Other stuff that causes the clutter is — a pile of clothes in your cupboard, make-up on your dressing table, spatulas on the kitchen slab, or cleaning supplies in the storeroom. Once you clear the space, the place automatically looks bigger and allows you to bring in more decorations.

Start cleaning and sanitization

We’ve been through a pandemic. Cleaning is now incomplete without using sanitizer. Make a list of steps that you need to go through so you don’t miss anything. Remember to clean your air ducts and other electronic appliances like fans as they also attract a lot of dust. Here’s how you can go on cleaning your entire house in no time:

In the kitchen: The kitchen requires most of the effort. Begin by organizing all the stuff in the cabinets and throwing out stuff that you never use. Then take out all the stuff and move it to another room. It makes it easier to deep clean the kitchen. Once you get everything out of the way, begin by wiping the slabs. Then move on to the floor and mop in properly. You can add sanitizer to the cleaning water to kill all the germs in the kitchen.

Living Room: The living room is where people spend most of their time in. This is where you’re going to hang lights and decorations. Start by moving furniture to other rooms if you can. Heavy furniture like a sofa can be moved slightly from its place. Furniture accumulates a lot of dust and spider webs as they stay in one place for a long time. Clean the floor and finish the job by sanitizing the space.

Bathroom: The bathroom can be the hardest to clean if you don’t give it a regular swipe. You can choose to mop the whole place and clean the tiles afterward. Another method is just unleashing the power of water and cleaning with pipes. Just use the wiper to clean the floor and you’re done.

If your house is in a bad shape, it’s best to get it painted. This way the whole house gets rid of the gunk easily. Paint adds a new life to the property and the place automatically gets cleaned up. Another option is hiring professional cleaners if you can afford it. They know exactly how to make the best of the space by freeing it of clutter and dust. Celebrate the joy of Christmas by making your house a clean and happy place. Bring in your Christmas tree and go all-in with the decorations.

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