Controlling Pests in Wisconsin Apartments without Affecting the Residents 


Similar to single-family homes and businesses, several apartments could also develop pest problems. At times, they could prove highly challenging. The presence of numerous residents residing in close proximity to one another could lead to pest infestation. You may have to deal with several kinds of pest issues. 

Consider looking for the best cockroach control Wisconsin services to meet your specific needs. They know how to deal with these pestering pest issues in a way that would not affect the residents of the apartments. 

Where should pest control services spray in apartments? 

Most tenants would be worried about coming in contact with toxic pesticides or substances. Despite a reliable and reputed company using non-toxic and environmentally friendly options, they should exercise caution while treating your apartment with pesticides. When an exterminator visits your apartment, they would spray around on – 

  • entryways 
  • baseboards 
  • crevices and cracks 
  • gaps between cabinets and walls, appliances, or furniture 

Why would an exterminator spray in these areas of an apartment? 

The exterminator would have two goals – 

  • they look forward to eliminate any pests present in the property 
  • they want a good exclusion practice 

It implies that they strive to keep pests from getting in your house. It is also a reason why you might see your exterminator examining external areas and laying out bait packets. 

Who would be responsible for a rental property pest control? 

Rest assured that pest control responsibility would vary from one state to another and from one municipality to another. However, a general duty would be of the property owner to conduct a pest control treatment in a rental property. The property owner would be responsible for upkeep of the rental property, making it habitable, and free of pest infestations. 

However, in the event the lifestyle of the tenant has led to pest infestation in the apartment, the property owner would be off the hook to undertake pest control in the apartment. 

What is the role of the tenant in such a scenario? 

It implies that the tenant should take a few simple steps to ensure that the pests do not cause infestation. These steps would be inclusive of the following – 

  • washing and putting away dishes after use 
  • regular sweeping and mopping 
  • wiping tables and counters after meals 
  • eliminating clutter for pests to hide 
  • reporting water leakage in and around the house 

Rest assured that apartments would require monthly pest control if the situation has gone beyond control. 

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