Are You Looking For An Overhead Fall Arrest?


If you need to work at height, an overhead fall protection system is the best way to protect you from falls. These systems use a full-body harness latched to an anchor point and a self-retracting lanyard (SRL) to decelerate the impact of a fall. They’re ideal for working on vehicles, heavy machinery, and other elevated applications where workers can move from one location to another.

A vital component of any system is the anchor point, which can be any structure that can support a worker’s weight and halt a fall within an acceptable amount of distance. This could include a davit, crane hook or cable, beam anchor, or other structural member. If you’re using an engineered anchor point, it should be inspected by a competent person to ensure it meets OSHA requirements for design and maximum arresting force. If you’re using a non-engineered anchor point, make sure it’s made of the most robust material possible and can safely support a worker’s weight.

Choosing the right system for your application can be challenging. The Alsipercha system is an excellent option for many applications because of its zero fall factor, which means that the workers’ arresting distance will be extremely minimal, making rescue quick and straightforward. It also features a built-in energy-absorber device that reduces the impact forces on both the user and the structure in the event of a fall.

MHi Pros – The Industry’s Leading Material Handling, Logistics, and Supply Chain Association

MHi Pros is the industry’s leading material handling, logistics, and supply chain association. Membership provides education, networking, and solution-sourcing opportunities. It also offers significant discounts on booth space at our two most considerable material handling, logistics, and supply chain trade shows, ProMat and MODEX. MHI members can participate in our 17 product and solution groups that share information and research to stay at the forefront of their industries.

MHi Pros is a member of MHI.

MHI is the nation’s most extensive material handling, logistics, and supply chain association. Founded in 1945, MHI provides education, networking, and solution sourcing for member companies and their customers. It also sponsors two extensive material handling, logistics, and supply chain expos—ProMat and MODEX—and produces 17 industry groups representing the leading providers in specific equipment or system solutions categories. These groups share information and conduct research to stay at the forefront of their industry.

MHI’s Digital Innovation HQ team has been working to enhance the capabilities of its internal application development environment. To accelerate the development of new applications, they implemented a Kubernetes platform capable of running multiple containers simultaneously.

Membership in MHI offers unique business opportunities, exposure, and value that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry. In addition to the benefits of the MHI One Connection portal, members can connect with potential customers and partners at MHI’s two industry-leading trade shows, ProMat and MODEX.

MHI members can connect with suppliers and users of material handling and supply chain equipment, systems, and services at MHI events. These include the industry-leading ProMat event, which showcases improvements in managing the flow of materials and products through manufacturing, distribution, and supply chains. ProMat, launched in 1948 as the National Material Handling Show, has evolved into today’s ProMat Digital Experience.

MHI also hosts Solutions Groups that bring equipment suppliers and users to collaborate on issues and opportunities in manufacturing and supply chains, creating new partnerships. MHI’s in-person events – including the annual spring meeting and the executive summit – offer further networking opportunities. MHI Pros also can attend virtual versions of the popular ProMat expos powered by the state-of-the-art ProMatDX digital platform.

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