Any house at reasonable price


It is tedious and daunting to buy or sell a residential property under normal circumstances. If you want to sell house fast, the price the buyer quote is distressingly low. The buyer often wants to take advantage of the situation by giving a price which is below property valuation. But a properly dealer can make all the difference; he finds a potential buyer, evaluates the actual market price of the apartment, home or land. There are thousands of websites offering to buy a house, but finding the right valid service provider can be tricky. Choose a real estate agent who knows the market and has the specialized skill to facilitate property transactions.

Cash buy outs

The real estate market in Canada in the last few decades has grown immensely. Earlier real estate agents were just intermediaries between buyer and seller. But now they study the contemporary real-estate market, identify the trend, present the present market scenario to both potential buyers and sellers. Besides real estate agents, there are professional home buyers in Canada who buy home or property directly from you in cash. There is a difference between a traditional and professional home buyer. Anyone who purchases a property with cash can be a traditional home buyer, as the individual does not have the necessary expertise; they work in tandem with real estate brokers. A professional home buyer purchase duplexes, apartments, standalone houses and townhouses.

Fast processing, quick dispatch

The main difference between traditional and professional buyer is a resource. The latter are qualified, experience Company with deep pockets to buy your property promptly. As they possess a pool of experienced, skilled professionals, the survey is done fast; a written offer is given to you. The renovation, restoration estimate is calculated fast, so the process of the offer letter is dispatched as soon as possible. On the other hand, traditional home buyers do not have the expertise, they hire professionals to make the estimation, and thus the process is prolonged. It may take months before they offer a price, as they go for a thorough inspection of the roof, water well, exterior and molds.

The closing offer from professional home buyers comes within a short period, within a week. The traditional home buyers take a longer period due to lengthy inspection process or lack of immediate fund. The closing price of professional home buyers can be a bit lowers side, but it includes all the expenses and fees involved in a property purchase. They consider the renovation, restoration costs, which have to incur before resale of the property. The closing offer includes all legal fee, real estate commission, if any, repair cost, mortgage fees, and other expenses. While traditional home buyers offer the price they could afford, it is often below the property valuation.

Save 5%

Professional home buyers purchase any property in dilapidated condition, fire, storm or termite damage. Even they buy a property with problem tenants, litigated title and unfinished ones. You need not pay a fee or commission while dealing with professional home buyers, which otherwise is 5% of the transaction value; it is a peer to peer deal with no intermediaries.

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