Advantages and Disadvantages of Any Raised Tile Floor


If you have raised tile floor at your home then it is certainly a very useful feature. Here your floor is further elevated from the original floor, which can be several feet too. In order to raise floor, different types of understructure are used, which is supported by many square panels. Such raised floors you will mostly find in offices, IT data centers. With such raised floors efficient wiring is possible and also it can help in productivity.

Following are few advantages as well as disadvantages of concrete raising Houston.


  • Such raised floors can be achieved almost anywhere in the house. Whether it is your basement, store room, bathroom, living room or any other place of the house.
  • By using tiles on the raised floor, you can further enhance the beauty of your room. You can choose any different colors or sizes of the tile to match the décor of the surrounding. You can surely create a very impressive look at your living room.

  • Not only the look but such raised floors have many different utilities too. Within your limited space you can create additional usage space. In case, your house has limited amount of space then by using this concept you can create additional space in the room.
  • Though when tiles are placed on sub floor it may appear little cold on your feet however with raised floor it will be warmer because of thermal insulation effect and therefore it will be much more comfortable to walk.
  • With raised floor it will be convenient to do any kind of repair and maintenance work like any plumbing or electrical wiring jobs.

  • With raised floor you will inculcate green values in the construction of your house which is a high priority nowadays to remove environmental concerns.
  • Raised floor also facilitate energy savings and therefore you can also get better resale value in the future.
  • Cost of building any raised tile floor will be much less as compared to building floor on the original foundation of your home.


Following are few disadvantages of raised tile floor.

  • For constructing such raised tile floor, you need specially trained contractor who must have knowledge of using the tools for construction.
  • Tiles are liable to break or get chipped
  • Durability of tiles are not too long

Looking at a long list of advantages, it will be good idea to go for raised tile floor in order to use the space effectively.

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