Add-Ons That Make Some Offices Better Than The Rest


Offices are primarily functional, but they need to have a welcoming atmosphere as well. Smart office managers know that they have to offer add-ons that make the building they run stand out from the ordinary.

Business owners do not want to look round lots of identical offices. Instead, they want to look at buildings which have their own individual character.

Company bosses want to stay in the same office space for rent in Harrogate over a significant period of time, so they will be more attracted to offices that have unique selling points.

How can add-ons make some offices better than the rest?

1) Refreshments – these refreshments could be tea, coffee and juice.

2) Vouchers – these vouchers could be for businesses that are near the office.

3) Gyms – most offices do not have a gym, so make sure to look for this unique selling point.


People do not want to have to bring their own tea, coffee and biscuits when they come to work. All of these refreshments can be provided by the management team that is running the building.

Employees should make specific requests to the managers if they want to have any specific refreshments added to the list.


Building managers have to offer incentives that are different from other offices. Some office owners go the extra mile to offer company employees vouchers that give them discounts. Incentives like this are going to help sway bosses when they are thinking about where to base their business.


People can work out in a gym that is contained within the office building. Regular exercise helps to keep people healthy so that they perform efficiently when they are at work. Look at the equipment inside the gym before making the final decision.

What About Common Office Features?

Offices also need to have some common features so that they are attractive to potential clients.

Round-The-Clock Security

Round-the-clock security is an absolute necessity to make sure that nobody is able to enter the building without the proper authorisation.

Comfortable Office Chairs

People sit down for several hours a day when they work in an office, so comfortable chairs are an absolute necessity. Office managers should source the best office chairs and then put them at the desks.

Ample Parking Space

Some employees will reach the office by public transport, but the majority drive their own cars and need to have somewhere to park. Bosses have to look at the office car park before signing on the dotted line.

Keeping The Office In Good Condition

Office managers and the company using the building both have a responsibility to take care of the building. Company employees should put all of their rubbish in the bins that have been provided, and take care of the chairs that they sit on every day.

Office managers should make sure that the carpets are hoovered every single day and the windows need to be washed.

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