A Guide to Modern Domestic Mobility Solutions


If you, or a member of your family are disabled, moving around the home can be quite frustrating, and if your home is a two storey building, perhaps living arrangements would have to be adjusted, as the disabled person is unable to negotiate the stairs. This has presented a problem for many home occupants, but with modern stairlifts that can be tailored to fit the staircase, it is now possible for a disabled person to easily move from one floor to another.

Tailored Stairlift Solutions

The beauty of the latest generation of stairlifts is they are made to measure, and whether you are looking for straight stairlifts serviced in Buckinghamshire or curves units in Hertfordshire, a Google search will soon locate the ideal supplier. There are not that many companies in this field, as it is very specialised, and usually the company would also install their systems in hospitals and nursing homes, which means they would be very experienced and able to work to a high standard.

Vertical Lifts

There are several reasons why a stairlift might not be the best solution, especially if the property has more than two levels, and in this case, it would be better to install a vertical lift. This will allow the disabled person to access every level of the home, and with modern solutions, the person does not require assistance to operate the lift. Safety would be paramount, and with joystick operation and automatic lowering in the event of a power failure, the disabled person would always be in control. There would also be a sensor to stop the lift from lowering if there was an obstruction, and safety straps, the user will enjoy an effortless and safe experience.

Bedroom and Bathroom Hoists

Moving a bedridden person can pose a problem, but with a vertical hoist that is fixed to the ceiling, the operation suddenly becomes manageable. The hoist could also be installed in the bathroom, giving vital support at shower time, and with tailored solutions, any property can be adapted for this type of device.

Sourcing the Right Supplier

Ideally, the supplier would be an established company with many years of experience under their belt, and if you were to make an enquiry, they would be happy to send an engineer to assess the property and your needs, and then the company would give you a competitive quote for the work. A reputable supplier would be affiliated with all the right organisations, as this gives the customer added confidence, and with a range of convenient accessories available, the system can be tailored for your needs.

Wheelchair Friendly

All lifts would be able to accommodate any type of wheelchair, and with safety a major focus, easy operation and smooth running makes using the apparatus both safe and reliable.

The important thing is that the lifting system can be customised to suit the occupants, and with a professional installation, mobility around the home is no longer a dream.

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