4 Obvious Signs Your Boiler Needs Replacing


Having an old boiler in your home means you’ve potentially got a machine that could break at any moment. Old boilers are inefficient when it comes to using energy and often cause your utility bills to sky rocket as they continue to age. You should look for some of these recognisable signs that your boiler is coming to the end of its lifecycle and requires replacing.

  1. Challenging to Purchase Parts

If you’re boiler is in need a service, but you’re constantly finding it hard to source the appropriate parts, this may mean your unit is past its sell by date. If they’ve stopped making parts for your boiler, this should really tell you something. If your boiler has recently encountered some problems and you’ve had to contact a technician, only for the technician to tell you they’re having a lot of trouble trying to get parts for your unit, it is time to consider a replacement unit. If you’re situated in West London and you require a new boiler in Hanwell or the surrounding area, there are several good companies you can contact to assist you.

  1. Alarm System Keeps Going Off

If you notice that when you turn on your boiler it is accompanied by the sound of your carbon monoxide alarm, there is something up. If your carbon monoxide alarm system is detecting high levels of gas while your boiler is running, it is advisable to take note. Carbon monoxide is a potentially dangerous gas if it is left unattended and free to drift around your home. The biggest problem with carbon monoxide gas is that you can’t smell or see it, that is why we rely on a detection system to identify dangerous levels and leaks.

  1. Endless Maintenance Issues

If your boiler is constantly causing you problems and require regular maintenance and servicing, it is a sign that you may need to have it replaced with a modern unit. You may notice that the timer regularly needs resetting, or the temperature is erratic, these are all signs that your boiler is struggling to operate effectively. You’d save more money installing a new unit, rather than paying out money to a repair technician every few months.

  1. Ineffective Heating

You may have noticed that your home is still cold during the winter when you turn on your boiler to heat your premises, even after you’ve increased the temperature setting. If you touch your radiator and they aren’t piping hot when you’ve left the boiler on for a couple of minutes, it is a sure fire sign that you’ve got problems. A new boiler will easily heat all of the radiators in your home within minutes, it won’t struggle or heat them ineffectively.

If your old boiler is showing any of the signs mentioned in this article, you should consider replacing the unit. Old, faulty boilers can cost you a lot of money if you constantly have to hire a technician for repairs. You’ll save money in the long run if you invest in a new boiler, you also notice a considerable dip in your bills.

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