11 simple tips to help you clean your house when you move


Moving house cleaning: how to do it

Are you planning to move to a new home? Be sure to read our home cleaning tips before you move in.

1st tip. Start cleaning from top to bottom. It is best to start cleaning in each room from top to bottom (from ceiling to floor). Start with ceiling corners and chandeliers or ceiling lights (they collect a lot of dust). Next, move on to the walls, baseboards and floor.

2nd tip. Get out in the direction of the door .Start cleaning from the farthest point from the entrance, especially when it comes to floors.

3rd tip. Clean your cabinets and shelves well.

4th tip. Replace the toilet seat. Do yourself (and your guests) a favor by putting a new toilet seat on.

5th tip. Disinfect the bath. Use detergent and a sponge to clean your tub or shower, but you’ll likely need a harder cleaner to deal with stains.

6th tip. Clean kitchen utensils and appliances well. Wash the microwave oven (inside and out), then clean the refrigerator and stove.

7th tip. Wash the floors.

8th tip. Kill all germs. Take the time to sanitize everything you touch all the time: countertops, handles, buttons, locks.

9th tip. Don’t forget about kitchen cabinets.

10th tip. Wash the baseboard. The plinth is often ignored when cleaning, and on it, especially in the kitchen, a lot of dust and dirt collects.

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Special attention to cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen comes first, not only because there are creepy sticky things going on here, but also because you want to get rid of the smells that were left from the former homeowners. The kitchen is also the place where you and your family will spend a significant part of your time. Thoroughly wash and clean the kitchen so that your family feels at home in a new place.

Clean the stove Most likely, you will need cleaning products. Make sure you use brushes and sponges that won’t scratch the surface. Soak metal trays and racks in a sink or tub full of hot, soapy water while you clean the rest of the stove.

Clean the oven If possible, clean the sides along with the front panel.

Clean out the fridge Even if the refrigerator looked clean, it is better to wash it again. Clean interior walls and shelves by pulling out all removable parts and wash them separately in the sink or tub. A vinegar and water solution works great as a food-safe all-purpose cleaner.

Clean out the freezer Use a soft cloth as anything harder will scratch the surface. Move the refrigerator away from the wall and wipe down the back, then the top and sides. Dust and dirt also collect on the handles and along the rubber seal that closes the doors.

Kitchen cabinets Gently wipe cabinets from the inside. Then clean the top of cabinets and doors. If you have a wood surface, use wood cleaners or mild soaps. For grease stains, use baking soda and water. (It is recommended to use home cleaning products only in rare cases, but it is better to entrust the cleaning of the house to professionals.) Don’t forget to clean the internal drawers and clean the handles on them. Clean the gaps between kitchen cabinets with a spatula, they are easy to remove debris.

Sink cleaning Use special cleaners to clean the sink (sink). Spray the cleaner on the sink and let it soak in for a while, then wash and wipe everything thoroughly. Wipe the walls Wipe the walls with a damp towel or rag.

Floors If you are moving into a carpeted home or apartment, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. If this is not possible then vacuum thoroughly. If the previous homeowners had pets, you can’t do without a vacuum cleaner. For wooden or other types of floors, use a regular broom.

With these simple tips, cleaning your home when moving will be much faster and more efficient!

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